The 5 types of Facebook likes

So you’re on Facebook. Welcome to Earth. The social media giant has become the central hub for posting pictures, stalking acquaintances, ignoring event invites and boosting the self-esteem of members of our social circle by “liking” their posts. “Likes” are Facebook’s social currency, and there’s plenty of them circulating. The only problem is that most […]

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Web, social media ‘connection’ is a double-edged sword

My mind was wandering the other day and I got to thinking: What did people do before the Internet? And a question I had an even harder time answering: What did I do before the Internet? I can’t pinpoint the exact moment it became a central part of my life, when I started using my […]

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Award tour!

So I found out over the weekend that Kassmin Williams and I won a 1st Place award in Science and Technology Reporting for this series we did on social media and teens. Yay! The award is from NENPA, the New England Newspaper and Press Association. It’s pretty exciting to be recognized considering how much work […]

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