10 ways to overcome doubt, insecurity and fear as a freelance writer

kitten-lionBeing a freelance writer is like having to ask someone out every day for the rest of your life. Not only do you face rejection on a regular basis, but you face rejection of the most personal aspects of yourself — your words and ideas. It’s the emotional equivalent of standing naked in front of the world and saying, “So, what do you think?”

Clearly, a little doubt, insecurity and fear in this scenario is only natural. But letting those negative feelings control you and crush your goals and plans is not an option. So here are 10 strategies to overcome doubt, fear and insecurity and get into action as a freelance writer:

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The 5 types of Facebook likes

Facebook_like_thumbSo you’re on Facebook. Welcome to Earth. The social media giant has become the central hub for posting pictures, stalking acquaintances, ignoring event invites and boosting the self-esteem of members of our social circle by “liking” their posts.

“Likes” are Facebook’s social currency, and there’s plenty of them circulating. The only problem is that most of the time, we don’t actually like the things we “like” on Facebook. Instead, we click the thumbs up button for a variety of reasons that have little to do with legitimate interest, mostly because our society is kind of pathetic, and also because Facebook is that place where appearance has little to do with reality.

So in no particular order, here are the five types of likes you’re bound to come across on the book of Face…continue reading at Thought Catalog.

7 more tips for success as a freelance writer

Freelance-WriterWhile there’s no magic formula for success as a freelance writer, there are specific things you need to do to succeed. Here are the key actions that have helped me to advance in my career, and should help you do the same:

1) Build relationships: Nearly every opportunity I’ve had came about because I knew someone who helped me get my foot in the door at publication X. From that point on it was up to me to prove myself — and I always did — but a relationship helped me get that first shot.

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Web, social media ‘connection’ is a double-edged sword

social-media-logosMy mind was wandering the other day and I got to thinking: What did people do before the Internet? And a question I had an even harder time answering: What did I do before the Internet?

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment it became a central part of my life, when I started using my computer for something besides typing papers and playing Oregon Trail, when writing e-mails and visiting Web sites became new methods of procrastination.

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Media relations 101: Tips for a successful interview with the press

microphones-interviewsGood publicity is literally something you can’t buy. And an interview with a member of the press is one of your main gateways to good publicity.

The problem? When conducting an interview, there’s always the risk that your words will be misconstrued, taken out of context, or used against you to mean something other than what you intended. Or you could just get yourself in trouble by saying really stupid things.

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Tips for getting published as a freelance writer

magazinesSo you’re ready to make the leap and get published in something besides your blog or church newsletter. You’re probably excited, anxious and slightly confused at the same time, overwhelmed by all of the possibilities and wondering where to begin. Having been one of those excited, anxious and slightly confused writers, I have lots of advice to offer. While I’ll save the mechanics of writing a pitch for another post, I do want to give you some general advice on getting published and building a thriving freelance writing career.

For starters, I’d suggest you buy Jenna Glatzer’s book “Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer.” It covers all the basics of building a freelance writing business and has some excellent info on pitching. Read More

Where to find freelance writing work: Websites, job boards and newsletters

Freelance-writingIf you’re a freelance writer in search of work — and really, what freelance writer isn’t? — try these options:

Craigslist – The obvious source for freelance writing work, and just about anything else you can think of. Remember that when searching for writing/editing jobs in the city of your choice, also check out “Writing” under the “gigs” section for more writing work.

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9 things you need to succeed as a freelance writer

steps-to-freelance-writing-successTo make a successful living as a freelance writer, you’ll need some key basics in your arsenal. Some of them are tangible and others, not so much, but they’re all necessary to making a steady living in the independent, creative, and sometimes unpredictable world of freelance writing.

In no particular order, here’s what I’ve found you need to succeed as a freelance writer:

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Media Relations 101: A ridiculously detailed guide to writing a good press release

public-relationsChances are you probably understand the value of good press. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here trying to find out how to write a good press release.

It’s true — the press can be your best friend. Or, it can be that hot guy (or girl) in high school who ignored you. The difference depends largely on the quality of the press release you write. I’m here to tell you how to write a good one.

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