Bobby Brown doing it his ‘Way’

Call it a comeback. Or something. New Edition member-turned-solo-artist-turned-reality-TV-star Brown is back to claim his place in r&b, and he’s not taking no for an answer. It’s been almost 14 years since Brown released his last studio album, but time spent off the charts and in the tabloids apparently hasn’t bruised his ego. The lead single off his forthcoming album is an aggressive manifesto about falling out of favor and fighting back: “Whatcha gonna say when they move to the next best thing? Get-get-get get out the way!” Brown growls on the hook. Though this single suggests Brown still has some rust to shake off musically, he’s not short on confidence: “I’m everlasting, never fading, not trippin’ on what they’re saying,” Brown promises. Know why? “’Cause that (expletive) don’t apply to me!” Consider yourself warned. [Published in the Boston Herald on Feb. 3, 2011.]