10 things every rapper should do before they start rapping

When it comes to rap music, abysmal record sales often start with abysmal records. Though a few bright spots do exist (Kanye, we see you), a barrage of bling-obsessed studio thugs has made the rap landscape look mighty bleak.

While a return to the golden age may be a rap purist’s pipe dream, the state of hip-hop affairs can certainly be improved.

With that in mind, we present The Top 10 Things Every Rapper Should Do Before They Start Rapping:

Ready when you are.

1. Read the dictionary. That doesn’t necessarily mean emulating Malcolm X and going cover-to-cover with it. Necessarily. But some time invested in expanding your vocabulary will be well-spent. This way you won’t end up rhyming “handle” with “weather” and “hood” with “hood,” or “new shit” with “new shit” and “sun” with “hundred.” At the very least, consider setting up a word of the day alert at Dictionary.com. Continue reading “10 things every rapper should do before they start rapping”

Meet Sammy Adams

Call him The Artist Formerly Known as Sam Adams. Or Sam Adams 2.0. I stumbled upon him while scanning the lineup for Kiss 108’s Jingle Ball, and after a brief Googling session, deduced that the new-ish name was part of a new-ish image — a subtle marketing/music makeover that ensures Boston’s latest major label rap star won’t be confused with the beer. Or the Founding Father. Or his former self.

But first, we must backtrack.


Boston rappers were legitimately pissed when Sam Adams soared to iTunes stardom in March of 2010 with debut EP “Boston’s Boy,” a title that would only ring true if Boston was comprised exclusively of coeds who cut class just to download his new album.

Rappers had spent years paying dues, building reputations, honing actual skills in the seedy underbelly of the Boston hip-hop scene, only to have Cambridge-born Adams swoop in and lay some college-friendly anthems over candy-coated beats, flip an Asher Roth song or two and claim a city that, by and large, had never heard of him.

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