Messy moments make a masterpiece

stevienicksI recently subscribed to the Tidal music service, which has given me access to virtually every song and album in existence.

Naturally, I started diving deep into Fleetwood Mac’s collection (if you don’t know about my obsession with the Mac, that’s for another column altogether) and found the “Rumours” super deluxe edition, which includes loads of demos, out-takes and rough cuts recorded during the making of the album.

I’ve listened to “Rumours” dozens of times, but I’ve never heard the early versions of songs that, in my mind, are the definition of pop/rock perfection, and getting a behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of those tracks from rough ideas to polished gems was illuminating to say the least. I couldn’t help but see a parallel between the process of recording music and the process of living life.

Very often when it comes to any type of achievement, we see the finished product, the best-selling album, the masterpiece. It’s rare to see the process it took to get there, the early sessions and experiments and songs that were scrapped and songs that became other songs and songs that sound nothing like how they started out.

We’re quick to celebrate success, and rightfully so, but we seldom recognize the value or necessity of the toil and struggle that led up to it…continue reading at The Sun Chronicle.


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