Review: There is simply no one like Beyonce

beyonceThere simply aren’t words to describe Beyonce’s show at a sold-out Gillette Stadium Friday night.

Riveting. Brilliant. Otherworldly. Magical. All come close, but none truly convey what it was like to witness the greatest performer of this generation at the height of her career command the stage for two hours.

Smoke wafted across the stage, blasts of fire occasionally heated up the venue, fireworks exploded during show-closer “Halo,” a mostly female crowd shrieked with excitement and sang along to every word, and those lucky enough to be close to the stage cried when their Queen Bey touched them. And at some point it became clear that there’s simply no one on Beyonce’s level.

Maybe it was when the show began and felt more like the start of a sci-fi movie than a concert. A giant, rotating rectangular cube alternately glowed white and flashed images of Beyonce as the opening notes of “Formation” shook the venue. Bey emerged with a bevy of backup dancers behind her, dwarfed by the giant cube but still seeming larger-than life as her wide-brimmed black hat bobbed in time with the song’s elastic beat… continue reading at The Sun Chronicle.


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