It’s better to experience life than tweet about it

social mediaCall me old-fashioned, but I get annoyed when people stay glued to their phones at social events — taking selfies for Snapchat, posting status updates, recording video, documenting what they’re doing instead of actually doing it.

And I have to wonder what the point of it all is. To “connect” with people who aren’t there? To show off and show others what a great time everyone is supposedly having? What are we trying to prove?

At a family gathering a few years back, I was having an interesting conversation with a relative I hadn’t seen in months. Then someone interrupted us and asked us to pose for a picture (presumably so we could show everyone on Facebook how much fun we were having). At that moment I stopped having fun. I understand why people want to take pictures, and of course I do it too. But in so many cases, the proverbial interesting conversations get interrupted so we can put on a social media show…continue reading at The Sun Chronicle.


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