Beyonce’s “Lemonade” is a testament to the power of vulnerability

lemonadeIt’s been a tough year for music fans. Not even halfway through 2016, we’ve lost legends including David Bowie, Earth, Wind & Fire founder Maurice White, Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey, Phife Dawg of the groundbreaking hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest and most recently, Prince, one of the most innovative, talented artists of our time.

A friend joked with me the other day that someone should check on Stevie Nicks – my favorite artist and borderline obsession – to make sure she’s OK. The eerie thing was I’d had that exact thought a couple of days before. It seems no one is safe in 2016.

And yet as these legendary artists pass, there are few left to fill the void. So much of today’s music sounds robotic, soulless, empty. Artists sound like clones of one another; albums are, more often than not, a few potential singles surrounded by filler. Music has been on a downward trend for some time, but the passing of so many icons only reminds us of the mediocrity that remains.

That’s why we should all be paying attention to Beyonce’s new visual album “Lemonade,” the 12-song foray into betrayal, forgiveness, hope and redemption. It’s the usually flawless Beyonce stripped of all masks, her flaws and weaknesses fully exposed…continue reading at The Sun Chronicle.


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