Bio for pop/R&B singer Ebon Lurks

It’s hard to believe Ebon Lurks doesn’t have a record deal yet. The 18-year-old singer has pop star good looks, vocals reminiscent of Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, and thousands of die-hard fans known as “Lurkers.” Without major label backing, he’s amassed more than 25,000 YouTube subscribers and 3.5 million YouTube views, not to mention more than 35,000 fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. His YouTube cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You” — recorded in a bathroom and backed only by a pair of pencils used as makeshift drumsticks — has more than 350,000 views.

But there’s more to the Oklahoma native’s story than raw talent, charm and popular videos that prompt marriage proposals from fans. When he was just 2 years old, Ebon suffered the ultimate loss — the untimely death of both of his parents. In the wake of the tragedy, Ebon and his brother, Malek, moved to Tulsa to live with his grandmother and her daughters, who raised the boys as their own.

Ebon soon turned to music as a source of solace and found inspiration in artists ranging from Boyz II Men, Usher and Luther Vandross to modern-day idols like Bieber and Brown. At 15, Ebon decided to transform his love for music into a career and quickly built up an adoring fan base.

Now, Ebon is ready to push his career to the next level and give the legion of Lurkers some original music. He recently released his debut single “One Day,” a catchy pop/R&B number about a girl who’s just out of reach, and his new EP is due out June 30. Considering his success with cover songs, there’s no telling where this wave of new music will take him.

Phrases like “total package” and “the next big thing” get thrown around far too often, but in Ebon’s case, they’re simply the truth. With undeniable talent and charm, thousands of devoted fans and original music on the way, Ebon stands poised to fulfill his dreams and share his passion for music with millions across the globe.

This was Ebon’s original bio:

Born on Feburary 18th 1996 in Muskogee Oklahoma, Ebon Lurks didnt have a typical childhood. When Ebon was just two, he lost both parents tragically. Following the untimely death of his mother and father Ebon and his younger brother Malek moved to Tulsa to be closer to family. Their grandmother Hattie and her daughters Tammy & Heidi raised the boys as their own. The family has survived the loss but has never forgotten the void. At the tender age of three, Ebon found solace in music. Drawn to the styling of acts like Boyz2Men, Usher, Luther Vandross, as well as current stars like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. Ebon was born for the stage. At 15 he began building his legacy, grooming himself for a career in the music industry by recording covers on his youtube page. With a renewed vigor and focus Ebon has become a force to be reckoned with. His charm, good looks and cheerful disposition make him incredibly accessible and completely irresistible.

Today his Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Instagram are inundated with over 60,000+ loyal fans respectively. An additional 3.5+ million views on YouTube cement his intensely devoted fan base. Ebon has also recently released his first official single with manager/songwriter Michael Grammy and is aiming to live out his dreams of being getting his music out to the masses.

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