The-Dream explains why R&B isn’t meant to be mainstream and the music industry has become slavery



Excerpts from my recent interview with The-Dream, who dropped his fifth album “IV Play” last week:

On the state of R&B:

“R&B is never meant to be mainstream. It’s too close to what hurts and what love is. Love is few and far between, and what hurts — people don’t really want to talk about it. It’s always been in a small space.”

On the music industry:

“For certain people it’s become slavery. I’ve gotten in studios with certain artists and they feel like they can only do one thing, and that’s sad to watch them downplay their talent. Now in America period it’s become just a game to hustle. It’s not even about music anymore. It’s just about hustling and putting yourself in a good place politically to be played on the radio, politically aligning with somebody to make sure your shxt comes out. And it’s like you’re never gonna get the greatest thing out of people, but I’ve now come to realize that nobody actually wants to get the greatest thing out of anyone. It’s just a game so that people can continue to be paid and move forward with whatever music is out at the time.”

On being underrated:

“I have to be [okay with that]. I can’t change the world. We’re just in an era where there’s a lot of information that we’re privy to because of technology, but what’s left out of that is wisdom and knowledge. So we get a lot of information, but we actually don’t learn shxt.”

More on the state of R&B:

“[The space for R&B] is not becoming smaller; people are just confused. And there are not places to play R&B. In my house growing up, my mom would throw parties and they would slow dance and do their thing in the living room, like that’s what would happen. That doesn’t happen now. It doesn’t even exist. Everything is turnt too the fxck up, like it’s past where it should be. It’s like there’s no room to love, you know?”


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