Sleeping on The-Dream? 10 songs that prove the Radio Killa is a music genius

the-dreamTerius “The-Dream” Nash has created megahits for a long list of artists and released a collection of high-quality solo albums — his fifth album “IV Play” dropped this week — but there are still an alarming number of people sleeping on his talent. I recently heard someone describe him as a more sophisticated version of (gasp!) T-Pain. After recovering consciousness, I decided to write this article.

The thing is, I too was guilty of sleeping on The-Dream. For awhile I thought he was just another generic R&B cat with a mild sex obsession and a mean falsetto. Sort of like a slightly stockier Trey Songz. Then I listened to the first song on this list and realized that all of the assumptions I’d made about him were completely wrong. I delved deeper into his catalogue and discovered that while The-Dream may not possess the vocal stylings of, say, Teddy Pendergrass, he’s nonetheless a musical genius — a multi-instrumentalist and storytelling savant who regularly crafts complex, undeniably catchy compositions.  There are reasons why Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kanye West all have The-Dream on speed dial. I’ve compiled 10 of them below…continue reading at


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