Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe: The rap battle to end all rap battles

This 40-minute battle is all kinds of amazing. N.Y. rap veteran Loaded Lux arrives wearing a suit that appears to be one size too small for him, with a casket and a crew in funeral attire setting the stage for a verbal assassination.

Calicoe comes out swinging and appears to have the edge through the first two rounds, but Lux delivers a murderous third verse that leaves Calicoe muttering “I killed you” at random intervals, hoping someone believes him. Roses strewn about his feet, Lux manages to deconstruct the plight of the black gangster and bring Marcus Garvey, Nat Turner and Harriet Tubman into the conversation.

Lux’s chorus of “Your pops wasn’t no gangsta, he was just another lost ni**a!” puts the finishing touches on Calicoe’s emasculation. It’s part spoken word,  part theater, part church sermon and all venom, and it’s a level of psychological warfare never before seen in a rap battle. Calicoe definitely got that work!


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