Two products to get rid of dry, flaky or cracked skin

jergens-ultra-healing-lotionIf you have skin that is dry, flaky, cracked and doesn’t seem to want to heal, these two products may help you. Keep in mind I am not an ad rep and I’m not being paid by either of these two companies to recommend their products. These are just the moisturizers I use to get rid of stubborn dry skin during the winter months.

The first product is Jergens “Ultra Healing” lotion. The ad copy on the front says it “penetrates through five layers of skin’s surface to start healing at the source,” and I can say from experience there is truth in this advertising.

Sometimes during the winter my ears get extremely dry and hard. They become cracked, flaky and rough. After I take a shower I put this lotion on my ears and they immediately feel soft, as if the lotion is actually penetrating to the core and not just sitting on the surface of the skin. It has a combination of Vitamin 3 and a blend of Vitamins C, E and B5. While I can’t say I know what Vitamin 3 is, I do know the mixture seems to be pretty effective at healing dry skin.



After I apply the Jergens lotion, I put on Aquaphor healing ointment from Eucerin. It is dubbed “advanced therapy for dry, cracked or irritated skin” that is “clinically proven to restore smooth, healthy skin.” Again, I’ve found this to be truth. This product is basically a petroleum jelly that serves as a protectant. So once you’ve moisturized your skin with Jergens and allowed the moisture to penetrate, the Aquaphor kind of seals the moisture in and provides a layer of protection from the elements. You can use this product sparingly as a little goes a long way.

The Aquaphor has virtually no fragrance and the Jergens lotion has a mild, pleasant one. Both are available in small bottles so you can carry them around and re-apply them periodically if needed. I would suggest applying both at least twice a day, if not more often. They obviously aren’t meant for serious skin conditions, but for the typical bout of extra-dry skin, these products together are pretty effective.


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