Near-death experience: Woman training for mental, physical challenges of Spartan Death Race

Ivana Peterkova probably has a breaking point. She just hasn’t been able to find it.

She’s trudged through mud, crawled under barbed wire, competed in overnight challenges, placed among the top finishers in grueling events with names like “Rugged Maniac” and “Spartan Ultra Beast,” and still, she can’t find her limits – physical or mental.

That’s why the 32-year-old will compete in her first Spartan Death Race on June 15.

Yes, a death race.

It’s an extreme endurance test that pushes competitors to the brink for 24 to 48 hours.

According to the race website at, contestants will endure between 15 and 20 mental and physical challenges through a 40-mile course in the Vermont woods during the one- to two-day event.

While the exact race itinerary is top secret, those challenges might include chopping wood for two hours, lifting 30-pound rocks for five hours or memorizing the names of the first 10 U.S. Presidents, hiking to the top of a mountain and reciting the names back in order. In short, nothing is off limits… Continue reading at The Sun Chronicle.

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