More from Young Jeezy: motivation, G codes and pure excellence

Snippets from a recent phone interview with Young Jeezy.

On his motivation as a rapper…

I just feel like once you do what you do and it’s real – it aint just something for show or it aint a perception – people are gonna buy into that, whether it’s half a million records or 1,000.

I did it for the fact that it’s what I felt like I was put here to do. I understand what really goes on on the streets, so as long as I have somebody to listen, I just want to be heard. How it adds up as far as plaques or sales, that’s more of a label thing, but I do it so when I walk outside, I can hold my head high and I get that love.

On his documentary, “A Hustlerz Ambition” [included in the deluxe edition of his TM 103 album]…

My documentary – when I came out, it was always that mystique that there were a lot of questions people wanted answered. One thing about me, I don’t really (delve) into the bullshxt because that aint what real ones do.

Cause when I came in the game, that was something that I couldn’t just come out and sit in an interview and say ‘I lived like this, this is what I was doing,’ because that wasn’t the best thing to do for me because I love my freedom. So I feel like over the years and over the time, enough time passed by for me to explain my story, and I felt rather than for me to rap and tell you the story, why don’t I just show it to you?

So I reached out to Samuel L. Jackson and had him do the narrating for me. Everybody’s in there, from my mother to my father to my sister to Jay-Z to P. Diddy to whoever, just really speaking on what they know me for. I feel like it was just the best way to do it, it was the best way to answer these questions that I wouldn’t have to answer personally myself, because some of those things I don’t feel comfortable talking about at no point in time, because that’s the code that I came up under. It’s a G code, and you’re not really supposed to talk about certain things because that aint what we do.

On his mother pulling a gun on him as a teenager….

I was a youngster, 14 or 15, and I had more things than the average, matter of fact I had more things than the average 35 year old at the time. And my mother wasn’t seeing it my way, and I just wanted to make her see it my way. I remember briefly we got into an argument before school one day and she wanted me to go to school, and I was like ‘Why the hell am I gonna go to school and I got enough money to make sure that we’re all straight?’ Or at least I felt that way at the time.

When your 15 year old child rolls into his closet, kicks a hole in the wall and pull out 2 or 300 racks and tell you ‘You aint gotta worry about nothin,’ I think she kind of took it the wrong way. I don’t think the money was the problem, cause I always (gave) her money at the time. I think the fact that I always promised her that I would finish school, I felt like I didn’t have to go anymore because I felt like I was hood rich, I had enough money to last me forever which, you know, we all know that isn’t enough now.

I felt like I could stand on my own, I felt like I was the man of the house and I felt like I didn’t need an education at the time. I think that hurt her more than anything and she asked me to leave. At the time, I had just paid the house off, so I felt like it was my house too and I didn’t want to leave, so she pulled a gun and told me to get the hell out. We argued for a minute, she told me she was gonna shoot me or whatever, she said she was gonna call the police or whatever. I ended up leaving and going to stay with my grandmother.

But it was a learning experience, and if I knew what I knew now, I knew that little $200,000 dollars wasn’t enough to last me for my life, but I thought it was though.

On what’s next…

I’m going for what I am. I’m going for the top. I’m going for it all. I feel like I done lived and learned enough to do that, and I feel like I should be at the top of my game right now, so I’m going for excellence. My next project is going to be pure excellence.


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