Three words for rappers: Show you care

The good news about Don Imus’ senseless comments is they’ve sparked a much-needed dialogue about the state of commercial rap music, which regularly employs the kind of language Imus was fired for using.

The bad news is that his comments have caused misguided leaders like Rev. Al Sharpton and Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons to call for a three-word swearing ban as some sort of solution to rap’s problem.

On the surface the gesture may seem like a step in the right direction. In reality it’s a cosmetic fix that will solve nothing.

The words that Simmons and Sharpton want to eliminate from rap’s lexicon – two that degrade women and one that degrades blacks in general – are no doubt offensive.

The problem is that besides infringing on free speech and wading into the muddy waters of censorship, eliminating the words doesn’t eliminate the mind state that fuels them. While those choice degrading terms are bleeped out, rappers will still be free to drop any of the several other offensive words in their arsenal…continue reading at


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