Review of Mike Posner’s “31 Minutes to Takeoff”

No telling if “31 Minutes to Takeoff” will lead to more than 31 minutes of fame for overnight sensation Mike Posner, but one thing is clear: Vocally, the 22-year-old sounds like a dance-leaning version of “American Idol” finalist Jason Castro minus the swooning romance. Posner deals in terms that most who juggle hangovers with morning classes can understand: hookups, failed relationships and white lies. “When I met you at the party and I told you you were pretty, I was honestly just trying to score,” he croons to his unsuspecting victim on “Gone in September.” Sweet. Posner’s high-pitched yet husky vocals are frequently difficult to bear, but his brand of electro-pop production proves interesting. Things even get mildly exciting when he dares to venture off-campus: Check the track to download, “Save Your Goodbye.” [Published in the Boston Herald on Aug. 9, 2010]

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