Review: Kings ascend ‘Throne’ at TD Garden

kanye-jayz-watch-the-throneBOSTON – There were no backup dancers or hype men at the TD Garden on Monday night. No opening acts. No self-absorbed diatribes about greatness. No ridiculous jewelry, shirt removal segments or serenades to random females called onstage.

Rap superstars Jay-Z and Kanye West didn’t have to babble about their dominance in hip-hop or stuff their set with the filler that lesser hip-hop artists rely on. The pair’s power was on full display for a sold-out crowd, who watched the icons trade verses for 2 1/2 hours, solidifying their stature as rap rulers without ever having to state it.

Individually, Jay-Z and Kanye West – idol and idolizer, mentor and protege – are two of the most successful and important forces in hip-hop, both known for hits that monopolize dance floors but deliver potent messages that extend far beyond the club.

Together, touring in support of their collaborative album, “Watch The Throne,” the pair loomed larger than life…continue reading at The Sun Chronicle.


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