Occupy Boston: Demonstrators say the system is broken

The signs told the story.

On the cusp of Boston’s Financial District, just after 7 p.m. on Tuesday night, a collection of homemade posters and handwritten messages conveyed the collective frustration that fuels the Occupy Boston movement.

The sentiments ranged from anger to desperation:

“Eat the rich.”

“How do we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps when we can’t afford boots?”

“America, this is your intervention.”

“The only banks that need bailouts are food banks.”

“Use my tax dollars for jobs and education, not war and occupation.”

“Too many problems to fit on one sign.”

Occupy Boston is one of about 150 offshoots of the Occupy Wall Street protests that began almost a month ago in New York City, condemning corporate greed, government bailouts and politicians more concerned with the interest of lobbyists than citizens. Providence’s version got under way Saturday night.

While the movement has a tendency toward self-absorbed rants and vague objectives, it also calls attention to significant problems, from skyrocketing unemployment rates to staggering income inequality…continue reading in the Sun Chronicle.

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