CD Review: Lil has changed in Weezy’s raps


Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV Leaks

“Tha Carter IV” is exactly the type of album you’d expect from Lil Wayne. That’s the main problem.

On the Young Money chief’s long-delayed ninth studio effort — recorded after his eight-month stint at Rikers Island for felony gun charges and released yesterday — Wayne shows few signs of artistic growth. Instead, he resorts to the same elaborate portraits of sex, drugs, violence and materialism we’ve come to expect from commercial rappers, lending the album the feel of a slightly subpar companion to 2008’s wildly successful “Tha Carter III.”

As both a musical statement and a personal manifesto, “Tha Carter IV” is scattered and underwhelming. Wayne is a distant pop star, spewing out clever lines that most of his rap counterparts could never manage but revealing little about himself in the process. Like Britney Spears, who produced the vapid “Blackout” after a harrowing time brimming with fodder for a more personal album, Wayne sidesteps introspection after one of the most trying periods in his life and opts for the vague hedonism and excess that clutter mainstream rap…continue reading at the Boston Herald.


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