Merren stays true to his Authentic Lifestyle

While other rappers chase trends and recycle cliches, Mark Merren is out to motivate the masses. The 29-year-old steers clear of fake thug personas, material excess and shallow rap sermons in favor of something more substantial and stirring on his solo debut, “Motivate,” available for download at Merren hosts a party to celebrate the CD’s physical release Monday at Church.

“The main idea I try to get out there is to overcome mental obstacles,” Merren said during the video shoot for his single “Wait a Minute” at GC Skateshop in West Roxbury. “I’m from Dorchester, from Fields Corner. I grew up in a nice home, and both of my parents live there, but a lot of people I grew up with weren’t in the same situation. So a lot of my friends are locked up. A lot of my friends are not here anymore. A lot of my friends chose a completely different lifestyle. And a lot of that boils down to not being able to see past even your five-block radius”…continue reading at the Boston Herald.


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