Blame vs. Responsibility

In my travels I run across some people who are prone to blame others for the situations they find themselves in. Rather than take responsibility for the level of success they have or haven’t achieved, and the resulting shine (or lack thereof), these people point the finger at others, make faulty assumptions and generally build walls when they should be trying to build relationships.

These same people walk around with a false sense of entitlement and believe that people OWE them things that, in reality, they haven’t earned. Part of the problem is that these people surround themselves with yes-men who are ready and willing to co-sign any and everything they do. So when an objective outsider does anything but shower them with praise, these people catch feelings and go on immature tirades that only further harm their chances of success.

It takes a wise and mature person to realize that we are all responsible for our own condition, and that everything we’ve achieved or failed to achieve is the direct result of everything we’ve done or neglected to do. That’s not to say outside forces never play a role, but ultimately it’s a secondary role that stems from our own attitude and actions.

Blame is a loser’s mentality. Winners don’t waste time throwing tantrums and pointing the finger at others. They know that ultimately, the only person responsible for their success or failure is the man in the mirror.


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