The First Post

Welcome to my new website! Let’s jump right into things and discuss why I hate Twitter. I hate Twitter, because among other things, I hate the world it shows me. Perhaps I just need to follow better people, but even my efforts to follow people I admire have led to intense boredom and fast unfollowing.

Today, I clicked on a link to a story about Joe Budden and his ex-girlfriend, Esther Something. Big Mistake. it just reminded me of how stupid some people are. I don’t know the details of their relationship beyond what was discussed in the article before I fled from it and vowed to stay off Twitter for at least the next 24 hours, and I haven’t heard the song that Joe supposedly wrote about the tragic dissolution of their relationship, but I will say this. Maybe, Joe, you could have avoided this trouble if you selected your women based on their character and not their curves. Revolutionary thought, I know. And maybe, the two of you, you’d be better off not fighting in a public forum where your words immediately become viral and plastered onto my sad little Twitter feed, where I remember why I hate Twitter so much.

Perhaps you could have had a private discussion to discuss your very private issues that the rest of the world (the sane portion of it, at least) has no interest in. I know, Joe, you were just trying to get Esther Something’s attention because you’re devastated and desperate, and I know, Esther S., that you were just retaliating in the same manner you’d been attacked — a public forum — but for the love of God, could you both get it together and keep your petty drama out of my life?

Thanks so much. Again, welcome to my site. As you can see, we’re going to have a lot of fun here.


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