Should we be outraged by Nicki Minaj’s single artwork featuring Malcolm X?

Nicki-Minaj-Lookin-Ass-Nigga-Artwork-Malcolm-XApparently, Nicki Minaj lives in a bubble where all she sees is her ass, her bank statements and her yes men nodding. Because the Young Money rapper has released a new single called “Lookin Ass Ni**a” with cover artwork featuring Malcolm X.

The level of ignorance, disrespect and poor judgment required to release artwork featuring a slain civil rights icon to promote a song about thirsty men is almost unfathomable. Anyone with an ounce of common sense or respect for black history would have immediately shut this down. Apparently Nicki Minaj possesses neither.

In no particular order, here are six reasons why we should be outraged by this cover “art”…continue reading at Rap Rehab.

One Comment on “Should we be outraged by Nicki Minaj’s single artwork featuring Malcolm X?

  1. I definitely think that his pic shouldn’t have been used to promote her song! I noticed the same thing was being done with MLK this year during his holiday. They were using his pic to promote parties, events, etc. I know she was trying to play on the fact that he was looking out the window. I get that. I get the fact that all publicity is good. If whoever did that promo would of done their research on that pic they would have known that was during the time when him & his fam were under attack! They were getting random phone calls, death threats were being made on him and his fam. I don’t think it was a good look to use that pic at all! Malcolm X was not a looker he was definitely a doer for all those that don’t know! Do your history!

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