REVIEW: Hip hop’s premier poet Nas returns with ‘Life Is Good’

Hip hop fans, prepare to write Nas a thank-you letter. With the release of his 10th album, “Life Is Good,” the rap legend has almost singlehandedly revived a genre that he himself declared was dead six years ago.

Admittedly, Nas had lost his luster since his landmark 1994 debut “Illmatic,” churning out an inconsistent string of albums that flashed brilliance but amounted to more misses than hits. It was standard practice to expect mediocrity from the once-prodigal MC, the man who increasingly seemed weary on wax.

Not so on “Life Is Good,” a deeply personal work of art powered by an acrimonious divorce from R & B singer Kelis, financial drama and years of chronic underachievement.

The Don reprises his role as hip hop’s premier poet and its keenest urban journalist on his latest release, spitting vivid lyrics atop orchestral production and boom bap soundscapes, shifting easily from the main character in his tales to a detached narrator depicting bleak inner-city scenes…continue reading at the Bay State Banner.

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